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Velora  Venn

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the New Adult Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Romance, Dystopian Action/Adventure Series



and the New Adult Cyberpunk Paranormal Romance Sci-Fi 



The Aerth's Aetheric Aegis Series is New Adult fiction that blends the genres of steampunk, fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, and romance.


     A mystical, magical-like substance called aether exists and can be controlled by Aethaumaturges, though it has been outlawed in many countries. Superior humans known as Ascendants, who have descended from people that were genetically altered from the Archaic Era, make up the majority of the aristocracy and rule much of the world, often unjustly. Normals, or rather those without any genetic mutations or gifts of aether, regularly struggle for survival and find themselves caught in the middle of an ongoing war, forced to choose sides. Meanwhile, the most deadly pandemic to have ever existed still haunts the world. Known as the CURSE, it is spread through the bites of curious, large, bat-like creatures, and, upon being infected with the virus, the hosts are transformed into monstrous HAVOCs -- part human, part Chiroptera. There are a plethora of automata that inhabit the Aerth, in addition to large, winged, animal-like creatures called Aeons. Fascinating, steam-powered technology abounds, as do advanced relics from the past. Intriguing secret societies even endeavor to influence the world and the status quo. The protagonist, a girl named Elvira Evenfall, must come to learn surprising truths about herself and her family at the start of her journey, which will take her down many unanticipated avenues and introduce her to a host of unique characters. She will even find her affections are not just limited to men, as a young aviatrix makes a true bid for her heart.

     Come journey on this wild, fantastical, fun adventure, and discover the many secrets that this version of Aerth harbors!


The White Mantle

(Book 1)

Necessary Rifts 

(Book 2)

Reckoning and Revolution 

(Book 3)

We Stand Together 

(Book 4)

The Hearts of Stone Series is New Adult paranormal romantasy


     The magacity of Noxhaven was meant to serve as a wondrous home for humans and goyles alike, but over time, the peace treaty between the two species degraded, and now the goyles live ostracized underground in their district of Undercity. Meanwhile, the nobles, patricians, and elite of society reside comfortably in the glistening, sunlight-bathed Uppercity. Goyles aren't the only downtrodden, though. The destitute in the cutthroat, dark, neon-lit Lowercity struggle to survive, and even life in Centercity could be better. Armored, militant automata patrol the streets to intimidate and threaten, and mandracals, a new human-plant hybrid race entirely, have felt the pressure of life in the metropolis. 

     One such girl by the name of Sakura inadvertently serves as the catalyst for the beginning of a civil war, which the city had been teetering on for some time. She finds herself lovestruck by a certain goyle that had rescued her, but in the midst of a world blanketed by a mysterious, magical Mist and high tensions, can she find a way to both set things right and prioritize true love?


Hearts of Stone began as a rush to meet a deadline for a romance charity anthology supporting Ukraine. With a mere six days to craft it, the story was not only completed in time but also accepted for inclusion. When the anthology's availability window closed, the rights to each story reverted to their respective authors. This development allowed me to expand and refine Hearts of Stone: Star-Crossed, transforming it into a standalone novella for publication.


Fierce Hearts

Charity Anthology for Ukraine  Hearts of Stone on page 971

(No Longer Available)

Hearts of Stone:

Star-Crossed (Book 1)

Hearts of Stone: Caliginous (Book 2)


Aerth's Aetheric AEGIS: The White Mantle (Book 1)

Aerth's Aetheric AEGIS: Necessary Rifts (Book 2)

Aerth's Aetheric AEGIS: Reckoning and Revolution (Book 3) & & We Stand Together (Book 4)

Hearts of Stone: Star-Crossed (Book 1)