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Aether Info & Colors


(pronounced “ee-ther”) very rarefied and highly elastic substance that permeates all space, including the interstices between the particles of matter, and to be the medium whose vibrations constituted light and other electromagnetic radiation. Aether is the Fifth Element. It's the propagation of light and matter into another dimension. It's the thread that binds everything-humanity, the world, and the cosmos-together. It is energy . translucent energy (sometimes visible as wisps of energy trailing from wielder), fifth element of alchemy. substance that makes up heavenly bodies. mystical substance that exists between the particles of all things. It is very conductive to energy and matter, but porous to them as well. Entering the Aether is entering literally the Space Between All Things. The user can generate/project sacred energy, a divine/ethereal force that's usually generated by divine creatures and/or beings that wield aether. Divine armor. Deflection. Concussive force. Energy generation. 


Once you have your catalyst, arm yourself with it like ammunition. But also wear it,” Rozlyn indicated to her chest with her good hand, “like a talisman or good luck charm in your heart. Granted, some people carry actual, physical artifacts that are meaningful to them and act as talismans, which you could do, but I’ve always been wary of that, as they can also become crutches. If you should lose it or not have it readily available when you need it, your powers might wane. 

     “So long as you have a purpose and a passion,” Rozlyn assured, “so long as you have a connection with your emotions, you will feel your aether flow through you like a river. If you lose that spirit or feel yourself becoming detached, you’ll sure as bat guano notice your powers ebb and recede.

Focusing Areas

  • Healing: Focusing from hearts 

  • Power: Focusing from base of spine & naval

Aetheric Bonds

Aetheric Bonds are something Aethaumaturges can do, usually inadvertently. No one seems to know how to guarantee the use of them, but it happens sometimes when an Aethaumaturge uses aether on someone else in a way that isn’t to harm or to heal them. For it to even occur, this aether usage has to be between the Aethaumaturge and someone they care about in some way. This creates an Aetheric Bond. It works similarly to a tracking device.

Aetheric Coalescence

This is when two or more people join their Divine Sparks in a very intimate and powerful way, allowing them to essentially become full-realized Aehtaumaturges, unlocking all the powers they ever would be able to achieve. This only lasts for a short period, usually minutes, and often results in the participating Aethaumaturges feeling rejuvenated afterward.

  • Adverse Effects — Combined Divine Sparks need to be compatible, with both participating Aethaumaturges on equal wavelengths, mentally and emotionally. Should two Aethaumaturges who are not congruent or who are experiencing very different energetic vibrational frequencies unify their Divine Sparks into a Coalescence, it may put both parties at risk of Psyche Hemorrhaging. This is the unconscious and involuntary “bleeding” of memories and emotions between both parties. If Coalescence continues between these incompatible participants, Psyche Hemorrhaging can lead to a loss of self identity and a full ego death, where the individuals not only view themselves as something outside the realm of human, but are unable to return to functioning in their Aerthly bodies, and thus they wither and physically die. For this reason, we, the authors, recommend selecting a partner with utmost care and consideration, should you attempt an Aetheric Coalescence. 

Aetheric Transcendence 

The strongest and most powerful ability an Aethaumaturge can invoke, usually as a defense mechanism.  described as pressure building to ultimately unleash wild amounts of aetheric power. The discharge can wipe out everything in its path or be more controlled to only target those the user wishes, but this takes more mental discipline. This power can be accessed either reflexively, in response to danger or extreme emotional turmoil, or intentionally by will, but this requires complete mastery. 

  • Artimus Thorn figures out that if he endures enough of a beating, he will respond by using this ability. This is a very crude and not masterful way to unleash the Aetheric Transcendence. 

  • Ernest Fairlace uses this ability involuntarily when his wife is killed in front of him by the CURSE.

Aetheric Variations

Black — Strength

     Aids In: Providing the Aethaumaturge with extra force and endurance 

     Attribute: Power

     Rarity: Rare

     Powerful, daring, provocative, and only wielded by the very driven and self-assured, black aether is passionate, exuberant, emotional, unpredictable, and always eager to be used. It’s the most potent and most wild and usually belongs to the relentless and cocky. Those with it are known for their temerity and quick wit and won’t back down from a fight. It should go without saying that, if this aether can be controlled, it could be used to do monumentally-great things, so long as the user intends it. Those with this aether tend to be cunning and inquisitive, to the point of questioning everything and becoming overly critical, even resentful, bitter, and selfish. To those who master it, it can be an invaluable tool. 

Characters With This Color: Artimus Thorn


Silver — Intuitiveness

     Aids In: Providing the Aethaumaturge with an understanding of cosmic intentions to predict outcomes or receive council

     Attribute: Wisdom

     Rarity: Extraordinarily Rare

     Far sighted, idealistic and intellectual, silver aether tends to be visionary and otherworldly imaginative. Those with it think in the future tense and aspire to do great things — whether for themselves or for the world, it is only a question of personality. They appear connected to something higher. Those with it may be secretive, obsessive, restless, and obstinate. However, they are also cerebral and wise, with an ability to see the big picture, almost like an extra sensory perception. This aether is synonymous with consciousness and insight. People with this color may have visions, live a life between worlds, or be able to see into the future. The hallucinations they may see are said to be of otherworldly beings, but if the wielder has a weakened mind or mental state, they may become schizophrenic, and their perceptions of reality could become too fragmented. 

Characters With This Color: Madame Esmerelda Toupont


Purple — Love

     Aids In: Providing the Aethaumaturge with increased health, in addition to a boost when protecting those they care about

     Attribute: vitality

     Rarity: Uncommon  

     Intuitive and emotional, purple aether belongs to those who are empathetic, caring, and compassionate. They are very in tune with themselves and their feelings, carrying their hearts on their sleeves. They’re typically honest and extremely sensitive to others. They have a low tolerance for overstimulation in the form of too many negative emotions and pessimistic personalities and can also become over emotional. These people are normally wonderful at self expression and self care, in addition to showing affection and kindness towards others, even those who may not deserve it or feel it for themselves. 

Characters With This Color: Alveretta Evenfall


Pink — Gregariousness

     Aids In: Providing the Aethaumaturge with added persuasiveness and charm for negotiating

     Attribute: Charisma

     Rarity: Common

     Urbane, sociable, persuasive, and generous, pink aether is usually very appealing. Those with it tend to be rather sophisticated, the life of the party, and can captivate entire audiences with their speeches and charm. They could also be known for being excessively prim and proper or formal. These people, though, do not struggle with decisiveness or extroversion, which comes naturally to them, as does strategy and a shrewd eye. Those who know them well may also describe them as pompous, bossy, dogmatic, stubborn, pushy, and/or intolerant. Pink aether is loud and obvious, but only in an acceptable and usually-adored way. These people are some of the most celebrated and successful in life. 

Characters With This Color: Lilah Lyons


Green — Balance

     Aids In: Providing the Aethaumaturge with defensive perseverance 

     Attribute: Constitution

     Rarity: Common

     Practical and grounded, those with green aether may be cautious and protective, with a strong connection to the natural world, understanding the importance of harmony in all things. These people desire inner and outer peace and are concerned with survival and resistance to unwanted things. This can sometimes lead them to becoming materialistic, collecting things they believe may help them and others. They are diligent and analytical, but they may be excessively prudent. Those with this aether are deeply engaged with the physical world and are often its devout protectors. They dislike extreme changes and can become rigid, but are devoted to security at home, with family, and in their callings. They are known for being guardians and activists for the delicate balance of the world.

Characters With This Color: Unknown


Blue — Devotion

     Aids In: Providing the Aethaumaturge with blessings and good fortune when in the company of friends or when pursuing a goal

     Attribute: Luck

     Rarity: Uncommon

     Loyal and dedicated, blue is for those who are hardworking and believe in justice, fairness, and equality. They are open minded and faithful to others, a cause, and/or their calling. They wish to bring all people together and set aside differences. People with blue aether are the most committed and dependable, aiming to please, which usually creates good karma for them. They wish to see others mimic their efforts towards becoming more accepting and tolerating, whilst working toward a more reasonable tomorrow. However, they can be controlling, cynical, fanatical, or a martyr. This aether is reserved for only those who can be most trusted and whose word is their bond. 

Characters With This Color: Ernest Fairlace, Byron Burrows


Orange — Magnanimity

     Aids In: Providing the Aethaumaturge with the ability to alleviate and soothe others just by being near them 

     Attribute: Insight

     Rarity: Rare

     Generous, forgiving, mindful, and selfless, orange aether is all about taking the high road and helping others. These people are not arrogant in their altruism, though. In fact, their modesty may result in many of their noble actions going unnoticed. They are humanitarians and are interested in the health and wellbeing of others. Although they may have a great deal of compassion, they could also be gullible, a worrier, or a perfectionist, in addition to despondent if they cannot accomplish enough of their beneficial and charitable ambitions. Those with this aether are known for their concern for everyone and, therefore, have a great deal of sympathy. They never seem to hold grudges and are above trivial, immature behaviors. They would gladly give a stranger the clothes off their backs and share their meals with those in need.

Characters With This Color: Ignatius Lyulf


Yellow — Creativity

     Aids In: Providing the Aethaumaturge with improved crafting and the gift to identify others’ strengths and weaknesses

     Attribute: Intelligence

     Rarity: Common

     Imaginative and observant, this aether belongs to the resourceful and inventive. These people are skillful with words, producing visually-attractive things, constructing and engineering, performing and acting, composing music, or constructing artfully-written works. They have good memories and an eye for the aesthetically-pleasing. They tend to either be reserved when in social situations, or, on the other end of the spectrum, comical and whimsical. They can skillfully react to a variety of situations but have issues with being neurotic or a perfectionist, taking criticism, and dealing with insecurities, sometimes becoming melodramatic. However, they can be very clever and focused, and are normally relaxed and eloquent.  

Characters With This Color: Unknown


Red — Ardency

     Aids In: Providing the Aethaumaturge with added valor, agility, and accuracy

     Attribute: Dexterity 

     Rarity: Common

     Courageous, passionate, and zealous, red aether is excitingly magnetic but may also be self indulging. These people can, at times, be forceful, determined, and tactless, but they are also some of the most fascinating and compelling to be around, due to their strong personalities and bold, impulsive natures. Gallant in life and compassionate in their relationships, these people are extremely dynamic, which can lead them to becoming leaders, daredevils, and adventure-seekers. They normally have a strong sense of justice. Their chivalry can sometimes lead to self-righteousness, though they are the preferred choice for champions fighting for a cause. 

Characters With This Color: Rozlyn Ryder


White — Connection

     Aids In: Providing the Aethaumaturge with a deeper understanding of all personalities, strengths, and weaknesses and how they intermingle to connect us all

     Attribute: Synergy

     Rarity: Exceptionally Extraordinary

This aether is the combination of all colors, like that of a prism containing all components of light. White aether has no real strong inclination towards any single one color and, consequently, no discernible advantages or disadvantages. It is seen as divine light, most revered and pure. Little is known of white, as it has only been observed once. It belonged to a woman named Celestine Empyrean, an Arch-Aethaumaturge who actively opposed Artimus Thorn and his brutish methods and tactics during the Aether Crusades. She was ultimately killed by him during his pursuit of this very book, which she had been entrusted with. At the time of this writing, we have not observed white aether since.

Characters With This Color: Elvira Evenfall, Celestine Empyrean, Briar Bryte

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