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Places on Aerth


  • Arts and Entertainment district - purple roofs

  • Market districts - red roofs

  • Civil and Justice district - blue roofs (far from entertainment district), correctional institution 

  • Business district - golden yellow roofs. Clock tower Big Augustus. 

  • Industrial district - grey roofs,

  • Public Education and Culture district - green roofs. next to entertainment district. botanists and horticulturalists tend to opera house gardens 

  • Royal district - white roofs. Center of city. Palace, 

  • malodorous, sea of multi-leveled smoke stacks, and subsequent smoldering white, grey, and black gases blotting out the light of the midday sky. An abundance of rust coated every metallic surface, and ghostly gas lamps fought in vain to dispel the suffocating gloom

  • Port of Brume - in Blackleg Bay at the mouth of the River Thain

  • Voxford, the top university in Lluminox

Slum Scum Sanctuary

A series of tin-sheet-roofed enclosures were built between the more formidable brick and stone buildings. There were many at ground level, propped up against the actual city’s constructions and serving as a foundation for the others. The higher stories were stacked on top of rows and rows beneath them. Enclosed bridges stretched between one end of the huts and houses, which were against the back sides of city buildings on one end of the street, to the other. These rough-looking walkways connected the rickety dwellings together on all levels. From what Elvira could tell, the buildings towered upwards to the same heights as any official city dwelling. 


  • Gyms: It housed a small running track, hurdles, a balance beam, some weights, short, padded walls and monkey bars for parkour, a section for learning the basics of hand-to-hand combat, a thin but tall motorized rock climbing wall that moved slowly downward on a conveyor belt, and the spacious, dedicated area for the game combat, capture, and obstacles. Elvira, meanwhile, was off to her specialized gym, her Aethaumaturgy Grimoire in hand, which she always took with her for reference. The gym was adjacent to the other and was far more empty of equipment, other than moving targets (not of the automaton sort, like at the COG dome, but rather just paper ones on a track), a basketball hoop, a rack of balls, and a weapons’ wall where various types of weaponry hung for future use. 

    • ‘practical application’ of their knowledge, which consisted of something the League called ‘combat, capture, and obstacles.’ They were to apply what they learned from their combat training and self defense lessons to maneuver through an obstacle course, fighting or avoiding the enemy team along the way, in order to retrieve as many of the other team’s flags as they could and bring them back to their side, whilst also protecting their own. 


  • dining hall - long tables


Webwood Forest

large woods outside of Brume. Home to rare medicinal mushrooms and large, ferocious creatures from the Archaic Era. 


COG HQ/Lodestar

11 domes, center dome twice the size of the rest. Each dome is called a Vault. The domes have a lattice shell with triangular glass shapes that resemble a geodesic polyhedron. Outside glass one-way mirror. Compound (cluster of buildings/habitats)

  • Vault One - Above, the ceiling was a soaring ribbed web of metal and glass with some patches of dirt concealing the roof. (Lilah explained energetically that the turf roofs were to hide the presence of the domes so they wouldn’t be easily spotted from above.) A good portion of the dome functioned as what looked to be an Aethaumaturge training ground, with mirrors set against the walls. Small, six-legged, insect-like, simple Class D automata — basic, unintelligent drones — moved around the training area in a predetermined path that had been programmed into them. Elvira realized, with a bit of alarm, that they served as practice targets. Another section of Vault One served as what seemed to be a gathering or meeting place enclosed within walls and windows. The room had a sizable conference table and a podium at one end. It looked to be newer than the building itself, since the walls were constructed with exquisite but modern ceramic tiles that didn’t quite fit the overall sophisticated, innovative aesthetic of times passed. The remainder of the remarkable dome was dedicated to a communal dining area with a dozen or so round, aluminum tables. 

  • Vault Three - repurposed as basic living quarters 

  • Vault Six - She also caught glimpses of strange and foreign equipment and instruments strewn about the circular enclosure, some partitioned off from others, most in poor condition, looking oxidized and degraded. A few bipedal automata were assisting the human laborers diligently

  • Vault Eleven - incandescently lit oak double doors. This dome was much darker than the rest, the aerth above almost entirely encasing it inside a hill. Soil and grass and roots could be seen stretching over the structure like a living blanket. No wide-windowed vistas of the grassy plains let in sunlight here. Only a small sliver of windows were unobstructed near the floor, along with one area, the height and width of an average person, which had been carved out of the exterior aerth purposefully. A yellowed globe atop a stand and beautiful brass telescope on a tripod stood next to the only section of windows that looked out to the treacherous island beyond. Elegant hanging electric chandeliers dangled from the ceiling, reminiscent of something more suited for a contemporary taproom or smoking lounge than a place like Lodestar. The ancient tiled flooring was covered with many large and detailed area rugs. Orange upholstered chairs, settees, and leather sofas, one draped with a white fur throw blanket, sat arranged in one spot with a few small, dark stain finished tables situated around them that were topped with candles, lamps, and curious baubles. All the lights in the room were more orange than yellow, casting a warm, fire-like glow over the entire space. Long, luxurious pumpkin-colored curtains were pulled across one section of the dome’s curved walls as decoration with an elegant vertical wine cabinet nearby. A large, vintage painting of the world map was hanging on a wall with little red push pins in it. On many of the darkened glass walls were photograms of places and diagrams of airships and machines hanging without frames. A small writing desk with little drawers and cubbies stuffed with things was situated in the room helter-skelter, as if placed as an afterthought. On top of it were some strange gadgets and inventions, including something Elvira recognized as a typewriter. Sitting next to the desk were three grand bookshelves bursting with tomes, scrolls, and metallic and glass items that were alien to Elvira’s eyes.Interestingly, a workbench and table with scattered tools lay in one area next to a walled-off section that looked like it could be a private washroom. Next to it was a sofa bed and kitchenette, with some shelving above and below. The hodgepodge of Archaic technologies mixed with modern innovations and living amenities on such a classic backdrop provided for a very anachronistic style. The oversized room as a whole had quite the eccentric feel to it. What was more unexpected though than the juxtaposition of formal, traditional decor and an abundance of eccentricities in a high-tech building were the several dozen contraptions that filled the space, mounted like taxidermy on the walls, exhibited in assorted pieces and segments inside covered display cases, and even integrated into the fixtures like art in varying degrees of assemblage. Curse bats. 

  • Holding Chambers — where “uninvited guests” are kept until they can be persuaded to keep quiet, usually by either threats or a deal that is struck. Consists of a large cellar beneath the vaults that is segregated into 5 separate compartments with brick walls and heavy glass doors. 



Lodestar in the plains near the coast. 

It greeted them with a blackened perimeter of jagged, unwelcoming volcanic bluffs that seemed to be relentlessly pounded by massive oceanic swells, which crashed and spilled over the rocks with terrible force. The shoreline was a savage warfront between land and sea, and enclosed within the shard-like barrier was a tangle of lowland forests on the western half, and the remaining half was filled with flood plains and networks of rivers fed by runoff and springs in the north and scrubby grasslands in the south. 


The volcanic flats and grassy valleys were picturesque. From their high vantage point, Elvira could make out eruption craters in the distance caused by subaerial volcanic vents, along with with numerous hot springs, geysers, and most eye-catching of all, gorgeous but deadly acidic pools of bright blue, green, yellow, and orange as a result of the chemicals spewed out by hydrothermal vents. 


Falsvik Islands

autonomous Lluminox territory where main character grew up, archipelago 

  • Skovjord - easternmost island where Elvira lives ("forest land")

  • Isletter - northernmost island

  • Tagefald - 

  • Morklipp - ("dark rock")

  • Regdans - 

  • Blomsta - southernmost island ("flower")

  • Havind - westernmost island ("sea wind")

It comprises 7 rocky, volcanic islands in the North Alteric Ocean, connected by road tunnels, steam ferries, causeways and bridges. Hikers and bird-watchers are drawn to the islands’ mountains, valleys, and grassy moorlands, and steep coastal cliffs that harbor thousands of seabirds. Dramatic scenery – soaring cliffs, crashing surf, waterfalls, rugged coastline, turf-roofed brick buildings, lighthouses, steamboats, cobblestone streets, lots of fog, gray skies, and puddles

The terrain is rugged; the climate is subpolar oceanic climate - windy, wet, cloudy, and cool. Perpetual twilight during summer nights due to northerly latitude. 



Firberg is an unsung, desolate town in the large, wild, untamed mountainous country far from the Falsvik Islands, south even of Lluminox. The town was situated in an independent nation not under Lluminox rule known as Balgerstria. It was there that her grandfather was born and lived until he emigrated to take on the responsibility of being his granddaughter’s caregiver. Elvira had heard tales of it over the years from him, stories of wildmen that crossed the lands on vast, ramshackled, unregistered airships and who would noiselessly descend upon unsuspecting towns and villages in the dead of night to plunder and pillage, or of animals as large as elephants and with teeth sharper than blades or wingspans that stretched as long as soybean fields, or so her grandfather claimed, which she imagined Velganos would surely fit right in with. Great, tall pyramids and some sort of rectangular-shaped castles built using long lost knowledge and with unfamiliar materials were said to pierce the skies like the mountains they mimicked. She wished desperately and recklessly to see the country herself one day. Most buildings are from the Archaic Era, which are no more than ruins. Only brick and stronger building materials remain. Modern structures include aerthen huts with thatched roofs, cobs, aerth lodges, and mud brick buildings. 


Above and Beyond

The Above and Beyond airship is the flagship belonging to Captain Ruby Callisto. She commands a fleet of a dozen ships total that scout the lands for treasure (relics of the past) and intimidate those refusing to cooperate in relinquishing such artifacts. This ship was far grander than The Flea and looked more than twice the size. The balloon was oblong shaped, rather than spherical, like The Fleeing Flea’s had been. Their envelope had the silhouette of a dolphin with feather wings leaping above a sun stitched to it, in representation of the ship’s name. The undercarriage, which was long and sleek (not even vaguely resembling a brigantine ship, like many airships did) was resplendent, with dignified, yet light colored woods and polished brass. An array of gleaming windows along both sides provided the entire vessel with an inviting aura from the warmth within. 


To add to the glamour, the airship even had elegant, gossamer wings (made of glass or some type of transparent steel — perhaps even the same material Elvira had seen used for the League’s own wren-shaped mechbird), ribbed with shining metal, that extended out like fins. One long, gleaming, transparent fin was attached to the aft, parallel to the ground, like a tail, while another was erect on top, like a sail. The overall effect made the undercarriage look a lot like a sleek dolphin. 


Three of the pirate crew descended a long pulley lift held by sturdy cables that dropped down from the underbelly of the ship. They were all women and approached welcomingly, quickly introducing themselves before accepting everyone’s bags and belongings in a harried fashion, including Elvira’s velocycle with Nell’s hoverboard secured underneath, and loaded them onto the lift. They then signaled up to someone waiting above in the hold of the ship, who activated a steam-driven winch, which cranked and wound the cables to hoist the lift with the three women and the possessions up


(similar time Switzerland) was also an Illupean country, though far from even Lluminox, somewhere south, bordering on the Mezzonean Sea. Elvira’s limited geographical knowledge brought forth images of snow-capped mountains, green pastures with furry cattle and sheep, clear blue lakes, and red passenger trains that the area was best known for. 


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